About Us


We are Three Little Birds, Ela Southgate, Rachel Simpson, and Sara Oschlag.

A little bit about us. Music is our passion and our profession.

Sara and Ela are primarily solo jazz singers, performing live gigs with small and larger ensembles at weddings and restaurants as well as for listening audiences at dedicated music venues. Sara also teaches singing privately, get in touch if you fancy learning yourself! Rachel composes and makes sound effects for computer games as well as gigging with jazz bands.

Ela and Rachel met on the Chichester jazz course, we studied piano and trumpet respectively as well as singing and jazz harmony. We met Sara through the Brighton jazz scene and it turned out Sara had also studied jazz at Chichester the year before us. We were all fans of each other’s singing and reckoned it would be fun to sing together. We arranged some songs ourselves (Rachel’s arrangement for This Is Always being one of our favourites) but most of our songs are arranged by Matt Wall, one of the many professional jazz musicians we’re lucky enough to play with. Matt writes the arrangements specifically for us and we love to sing them.


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